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Thursday 02-01-18


~I Did Not Have Any Choice About Being Born, And Neither Did You.

~I Did However, Have A Choice About Being Reborn, And So Did You.

~You And I Made The Choice, Though, Without Realizing That We Were About To Be Reborn Into A War Zone.

~In These End Times, God Is Releasing Signs & Wonders & Healings & Miracles. ~We Are Going Where The Church Has Never Been Before.

~When God Established The Fivefold Ministry, He Commissioned Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, And Teachers To “Equip The Saints For The Work Of The Ministry”

~Ephesians 4:11- 12, “And He Himself Gave Some To Be Apostles, Some Prophets, Some Evangelists, And Some Pastors And Teachers, 12 For The Equipping Of The Saints For The Work Of Ministry, For The Edifying Of The Body Of Christ…” (NKJ)

~The Church Is To Be Filled With Power… Unusual Signs And Wonders, Exponential Salvations, Visible Demonstrations Of The Power Of The Holy Spirit, Expressive Supernatural Revelation, Visions, Dreams, Interpretations Of Dreams, Words Of Knowledge, And Prophecy… Observable Manifestations Of The Glory And Presence Of God Through The Holy Spirit In Supernatural Operation.

~The Church Is Designed To Be A Demonstration Of Heaven’s Normal Mode Of Operation Being Released On Earth.


~The Cost For One Who Wants To Move In Signs, Wonders, And Power Is Higher Than For Those Who Choose To Simply Be Saved And Sit In The Background.

~Any Person, Quietly Hiding Out As A Silent Believer Just Waiting For Jesus To Come, Is Really No Threat To Satan And The Forces Of Hell. ~But Those Who Step Into Power Ministry May Easily Become “Front Line” Warriors In God’s Army. ~Being A Power Warrior Will Be Costly.

~Luke 14:28-30, “For Which Of You, Intending To Build A Tower, Does Not Sit Down First And Count The Cost, Whether He Has Enough To Finish It… Lest, After He Has Laid The Foundation, And Is Not Able To Finish, All Who See It Begin To Mock Him, Saying “This Man Began To Build And Was Not Able To Finish.” (NJK).

~Believe God… He Loves Risk-Takers And Overcomers, And He Is Pleased By Those Who Walk In Faith.

~Hebrews 10:38, “Now The Just Shall Live By Faith; But If Anyone Draws Back, My Soul Has No Pleasure In Him.” (NKJ)


~If You Want To Do What You See The Father Doing Will Require That You Spend Enough Time With God To Know His Ways. ~Too Often, We Rush Off To Do Our Own Thing And Hurriedly Ask God To Bless It On The Way.

~That Is Not How God Intended Us To Operate.

~In Matthew 21:13, Jesus Called His Church “A House Of Prayer”.

~In John 5:19, He Said That He Did Nothing Of His Own Accord, But Only What He Saw The Father Doing.

~If You Want To Do What The Father Does, You Must Spend Enough Time With God To Know His Ways.

~Prayer Gives Us The Father’s Heart And Priorities… And That Changes Our Heart And Priorities.


~The Most Important Part Of Prayer Is That It Changes Our Minds. ~We Become Like Him As We Connect With Him.

~1 John 3:2, “Beloved, Now We Are Children Of God; And It Has Not Yet Been Revealed What We Shall Be, But We Know That When He Is Revealed, We Shall Be Like Him, For We Shall See Him As He Is.” (NKJ)

~Prayer Should Be Our Lifestyle. ~Paul Encourages Us To Pray Without Ceasing. ~An Effective Way To Do This Is To Pray In Tongues. ~Praying In Tongues Builds You Up And Assures Pure Communication With The Father.

~We Are Never So Mature That We Do Not Need To Pray And Ask God About What To Do And How To Do It.


~God Is Never Impressed When You Try To Be Obedient By Doing What You Like Best, Rather Than Asking What He Wants. ~Being Led By The Spirit Means You Will Do What God Wants…

~Luke 16:10-12, “He Who Is Faithful In What Is Least Is Faithful Also In Much; And He Who Is Unjust In What Is Least Is Unjust Also In Much. 11 Therefore If You Have Not Been Faithful In The Unrighteous Mammon, Who Will Commit To Your Trust The True Riches? 12 And If You Have Not Been Faithful In What Is Another Man’s, Who Will Give You What Is Your Own?” (NKJ)


~People Often Ask, “What Is The Secret To Revival?” Answer: The Secret Place Is The Secret To Revival. ~He Is Not As Concerned With How Much We Can Do For Him As With How Much Holy Passion Fills Our Hearts For Him.

~Lovers Outwork Workers. Love Always Does More Than Duty. ~God Loves Intimacy More Than Miracles…

~Romans 7:4 Teaches Us… “In Order For Us To Bear Fruit To God, We Must Be Intimate With Jesus.”

~All Fruitfulness Flows From Intimacy. ~The Goal Is To Be Such An Intimate Lover Of Jesus That We Become A Resting Place For The Holy Spirit.

~As God’s Warriors, We Cannot Make Revival Happen… But We Can Become So Hungry For God, That We Become A Prisoner Of His Love. And As Prisoners Of God’s Love, We Become Harvesters, Carrying His Glorious Presence With Us, The Hungry People Of This World Will No Longer Be Able To Resist Him. ~John 15:1-16;


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